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Office 365 when and where you need it. Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Office 365 is ready when you are. Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, you get a familiar, top-of-the-line set of productivity tools. Office applications - always the latest versions. Lets you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android™, or Windows device with anyone in real time.

Risks and Hidden Costs of a Do-it-Yourself Migration:

Most organizations have limited experience of the scope of effort and the number of variables and considerations that need to be assessed when migrating to Office 365. This causes many customers to underestimate the amount of work and the risks involved in an Office 365 migration. This document outlines the risks and hidden costs of migrating to Office 365 without professional services and migration automation technology. Download

How we help you:

Migration. Provides automation for predictable, seamless and stress-free Office 365 migrations.
Cloud Backup. Unlimited Backup. Yes, unlimited. Backup your Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDrive for Business data up to 6x daily. All for one simple per user / mo price, with no data limits.

The Process:

Starting with the planning stage, Column Systems uses Migration Planner - A fast, easy-to-use sales assessment, planning and configuration application from SkyKick, designed to help streamline the process for you and your customers. Learn more about Data-Only , Small Business Migration Suite and Enterprise Migration Suite.
Column Systems keeps all critical pieces in sync, eliminates data migration risk and automatically adjusts if you change the migration date.
Column Systems works with Migration Sync to finalize the migration. Automatically sets up Outlook, performs local migrations and ensures a timely transfer of all company email data.
Column Systems tracks, monitors and take action on your In Progress and completed project.

Other key benefits of Office 365 include:

No more maintenance. Being in the cloud, Office 365 is always up to date, always maintained and never requires patching. No more ‘patch Tuesday’ – and when it updates, on a continuous basis, user impact is virtually zero.
O365 scales with your business. Like other cloud offerings, you pay for what you use. Growing company? Add Office 365 licenses. Downsizing? Remove some. Note that there are options available: if your company has a consistent headcount, choose a longer contract period to benefit from reduced pricing. But if employee numbers routinely change, go with the ‘month to month’ option.
Work anywhere, from any device. Yes, we’ve covered this already. But when you try Office 365 and see how well it works across devices, you’’ll be as enthusiastic as we are about accessing everything from any device. It just works well.
No annual commitment, same monthly pricing. One of the most recent additions to the Office 365 offering, is the option to pay monthly in local currency without having to commit to an annual agreement. This means no more hassle reconciling credit cards and more freedom to scale your business.

5 Tips to Maximize your ROI with Office 365:

1. Collaborate Confidently and Enhance Your Business Communication with Skype for Business. Exploring the use of Skype both inside and outside your organization is a great idea to enhance business communication. Skype for Business application in the Office 365 suite allows users to connect at work, at home and while on the go by providing them with an easy-to-use UI, and features like instant messaging, online meetings, availability information, audio, video calling etc. The cloud application also saves the conversation after you sign out and displays it whenever you sign in again. Right at the bottom of the IM conversation window, users can add new people, share files or a presentation and convert it into an audio and video call whenever required. Moreover, Skype for Business Meeting tools include whiteboards, meeting notes, shared notebooks and attachments that display the mode of communication when you click on the respective icon.
2. Work from anywhere, anytime and while on the go with OneDrive for Business. Make your files accessible and share professional documents with anyone you want by making use of One Drive for Business – a powerful application that comes packaged with the Office 365 suite. The application allows users to synchronize with local computers and is also available with Office 2013. The best part about using OneDrive for business is that even if you forget to manually update a file to the latest version on the server, you can update it automatically while also saving it with another name and simultaneously keep a soft copy of the old version with you.
3. Create and Manage Office 365 Groups to Increase Productivity. Creating and managing Office 365 groups is another great idea that leads to enhanced productivity and improved ROI. When users create an Office 365 group, they can directly go to the admin center and work on a project together while gaining access to shared documents of the other team members. To connect with colleagues and work in a better way, Office 365 groups provide users with a shared workspace to exchange conversations, documents and calendar events etc. at one place. As a single dedicated team, users are allowed to improve collaboration with emails and meetings in Microsoft Outlook, conversations and calls in Skype for Business and storing of important documents in OneDrive for Business. There are two types of Office 365 group – public or private. While a public group can be easily joined by any user within the organization or outside, a private group is created with a secured policy that is exclusively open only to its own members or specific users. A private group usually possesses confidential data that is not meant to be shared with outsiders or non-reliable users. An interesting thing to note about both of these groups is that they cannot be interchanged in any situation once you create them. In other words, a private group cannot be modified into a public group and vice versa.
4. Improve Internal Communication with your own Private Network - Intranet. Intranet fosters internal communication in an amazing way by bringing direct business benefits while also ensuring complete security of the confidential information. Office 365 allows you to take your internal communication to the next level by providing owners with their own private network in the form of a company intranet. This not only helps enterprises to create their own knowledge base on the private cloud but also allows them to share important files within their own network.
5. Take Your Business One Step Forward by Enhancing Mobility. With the sudden outbreak of mobile devices, the biggest reason for organizations to switch to the cloud was to establish a strong mobile niche across the globe. Enterprise mobility suite for Office 365 is available for businesses that are looking to empower their employees with enhanced engagement and greater flexibility to access information on handheld devices. With Office 365 mobile applications, users can enjoy an intuitive UI, a rich productivity experience and go to the office whenever they want.
The Final Note. Enterprises across the globe are opting for Microsoft Office 365 over other cloud solutions as a global productivity platform. End customers are increasingly relying on office 365 cloud applications, resources and features to obtain economic advantages from their business investments. But, on top of everything, one must remember to not only remain focused to Office 365 adoption but also strategize techniques to make the most out of it and monitor the true ROI that it delivers. In case you’re pondering upon to make a leap from any Exchange server version to Office 365 directly, you need a proficient Exchange Migration solution..
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